This research network was founded on an initial collaboration between the University of Bristol and the University of Leiden, and brought together a group of international participants from the University of York, Cambridge University, the University of Birmingham, the London School of Economics, The University of Amsterdam, Heidelberg University, the University of Berlin, and the University of California – Berkeley. Participants have a wide range of regional expertise throughout Asia and Africa, and in the methodological approaches of global and transnational history. This collaboration was awarded an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant to engage in a week of collaborative research in the archives of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. A follow-up workshop was held in Bristol in September 2016, as well as a half-day festival on Afro-Asian connections in Bristol in 2017.

We were awarded seedcorn funding from the University of Bristol’s Brigstow Institute to create a visualisation of the data generated from our project. We are currently producing a moving, historical map of events and key individuals uncovered through our research, and an online platform for researchers to contribute their own data on Afro-Asian connections. Please click on the ‘Visualisation’ tab to access this.

Our network has pioneered an innovative collaborative approach to research that begins with archival inquiry and continues with data sharing, co-editing, and co-writing. The network is not limited to the original participants – we welcome participants working on these themes to join us in the investigation of these global networks by contributing to our blog, suggesting updates to our visualisation, and generally getting in touch to let us know about your research.

Out Soon!!

The Lives of Cold War Afro-Asianism, forthcoming with Leiden University Press in November/December 2022! Pre-order your copy here.  Featuring articles from our ‘Other Bandungs’ special issue, as well as exciting new chapters by Elisabeth Armstrong, Wildan Sena Utama, Taomo Zhou, Yasser Nasser, Amzah Adam, Tycho de Hoog, and Adeline Broussant.

Out now!:

Afro-Asian Networks “Manifesto” in Radical History Review 131.

Special Issue: “Other Bandungs; Afro-Asian Networks in the Early Cold War”, Journal of World History 30:1-2 (June 2019)

Special Issue: “Trade Union Networks and the Politics of Expertise in an age of Afro-Asian solidarity”, Journal of Social History 53:2 (Winter 2019)

Data Visualisation: see link via ‘Visualisation’ tab above.