Out now!:

The Afro-Asian Networks Research Collective, “Manifesto: Networks of Decolonization in Asia and Africa“, Radical History Review 131 (May 2018)

Special Issue on “Other Bandungs: Afro-Asian Internationalisms in the Early Cold War Era”Journal of World History Vol. 30 Nos 1&2 (June 2019)

Special Issue on “Trade Union Networks and the Politics of Expertise in an Age of Afro-Asian Solidarity” in Journal of Social History 53:2 (Winter 2019)

Coming Soon!:

Our edited collection featuring articles from our ‘Other Bandungs’ special issue, as well as exciting new chapters by Elisabeth Armstrong, Wildan Sena Utama, Yasser Nasser, Amzah Adam, Tycho de Hoog, and Adeline Broussant. To be published with Leiden University Press/ Chicago University Press in its Global Connections: Routes and Roots series.